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Working out on a treadmill is one of the most popular ways to lose weight and stay fit. Sears carries various treadmills capable to meeting the demands of any workout routine. We also offer a complete lineup of treadmill accessories including mats, power adapters and interlocking carpet tiles. Treadmills make great additions to the home as most of the modern products are compact and easy to move around. Burn calories while you watch TV or listen to music on your sound system. We carry treadmill brands like NordicTrack, NordicTrack Elite, Horizon Fitness and AFG that can turn a room in your home or your garage into a convenient workout station.

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Start your exercise workout on our various treadmills

Start your exercise workout in style on one of our various treadmills. We have treadmills to meet every goal and priced to fit into every budget. When you have your own treadmill, you are more likely to use it because it's not miles away at a gym. Buying your own treadmill can be just as affordable as, or even lower than, the cost of maintaining a gym membership. You are more likely to workout because you can exercise in private and watch exercise DVDs or read a book. Some units even have an Internet browser included, so you can send out email or check your Facebook page while you workout. We carry some of the best brands of elliptical treadmills at Sears, from Nordic Track, Sole and others. Elliptical trainers help burn calories and tone your body while improving your cardiovascular health. We also have many accessories for treadmill workouts, including videos.

Exercise cycles are another favorite type of sports equipment that many people like to use to get in shape and stay there. It is a pleasant way to burn calories, and you can be creative by watching travel videos while you are working out. We carry many top brand exercise cycles made by Nordic Track, Schwinn and others. Many of these models have accessories that track your heart rate, progress, stats and daily goals. If space is an issue, try one of our mini stationary cycles that you can use while sitting on a chair or sofa. There are many styles of exercise cycles to choose from. Besides upright models, we also have recumbent cycles. These feature advanced technology, but they are still affordably priced at Sears.

Another set of exercise tools that help you create a total body workout is our incline trainer gear. Incline trainers work by toning large muscles in the upper and lower legs, buttocks and core areas of the body. These are very effective when combined with your treadmill and exercise cycle workouts. Nordic Track incline trainer gear can help you burn up to five times the number of calories that you might burn by walking. This equipment is small, portable and gives you a good workout without damaging your floors. Using our protective floor mats is another good way to save flooring from damage done by your larger exercise equipment. You should also have some exercise accessories like an electronic heart rate monitor to keep track of your progress as you strive to reach your goals.

Make this the year you finally take that step towards improving your health by using one of our various treadmills and other exercise equipment from Sears. We have some of the best brands available to choose from, and they are affordably priced. The most important step you can take is to just get started on an exercise program. We can deliver elliptical trainers or other exercise cycles, incline trainer gear and exercise accessories to your location if you prefer that to in-store pickup.



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