Troubleshoot before calling a plasma TV repair company

Having problems with the sound on your plasma TV? Is the picture not clear? Do you hear a funny noise? Before you call for a repair, do a little troubleshooting. It'll cost you some time, but it could save you a lot of money. After all, plasma TV repairs or replacement can be costly.

Tip No. 1

This may sound a little elementary, but if you're having problems with your plasma TV, simply turn it off. Wait a minute or two and turn it back on. People who use computers frequently know that when it comes to technology, sometimes the quickest, easiest fix is simply to power down and power up. All manner of issues can solve themselves with a reset. 

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Tip No. 2

Check the cables. A plasma TV has audio and visual cables, among others. Ensure all the cables are connected. A loose audio cable affects the sound; a loose visual cable affects the picture. Also, check the outlet. Unplug the television and plug in another smaller device that you know is working properly to make sure it's a television problem, not the outlet.

Tip No. 3

Go find the manual, and review it. Most manufacturers include sections on troubleshooting. Because they're created by the manufacture specifically for your TV, the troubleshooting guide will be more thorough than these simple tips. If you've lost the manual, you can usually find an online version and download it. If not, call the manufacturer, and ask for troubleshooting help. While on the phone, ask the representative to mail you a copy of the manual; most will be happy to do so for free. Once you get it, remember to file it with manuals for all of your technology and appliance manuals, right along with the one for your DSLR camera, gas range and so on.

Tip No. 4:

Check the on-screen menu. Some models have reset options. Did you know most plasma TVs have self-diagnostic tools? You'll find them using the on-screen menu or remote. Simply follow the prompts. If all else fails, try restoring the factory settings. You'll also find that on the menu. Yes, you'll have to do a little reprogramming later, but it's better than having to pay for repairs.

Tip No. 5:

If you've gone through all the troubleshooting tips provided by the manufacturer and decided it's not working properly, resist the temptation to do plasma TV repairs yourself. Even if you are a technically savvy DIYer, keep your fingers from Googling "how to repair plasma TV." First of all, just because you followed the troubleshooting tips doesn't mean it's broken. A repair professional knows all the troubleshooting tricks and tools. Second, you can void warranties by attempting to repair your plasma TV. Repair parts and service costs will be on you and not the manufacturer. Call the store where you purchased the plasma TV and see if it offers a repair service. If the TV is broken, ask for an estimate for the plasma TV repair cost. Do some troubleshooting before calling for repairs. If your television does need repaired, call a professional. Ask for an estimate before approving any repairs. With a major problem, such a plasma TV screen repair, it might be less expensive to purchase a new TV.

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