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      Since all television broadcasts in the U.S. went digital, it is possible to watch high-definition local programming without having to pay for cable or satellite TV service. A TV antenna can pipe in crystal clear channels straight to your HDTV. There's no need to drill into your siding to add a satellite dish, and you don't have to wait all day for the cable guy to show up. An indoor TV antenna combined with a TV tuner converter box from Sears can give you quick and easy access to your local channels and other "over-the-air" broadcasts that might not appear on a similar cable or satellite system.

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      Catch over-the-air television programming with a TV tuner from Sears

      The TV tuner has evolved quite a lot from television sets of old. There's no longer a need to switch between VHF and UHF or change channels manually via a clunky knob on the set itself. There are still plenty of TV sets in circulation, though, that are incapable of receiving modern digital broadcasts. Rather than going through the expense of buying a new television, you can add a converter box or digital TV tuner so you can keep watching without interruption.

      If you'd prefer to hang on to your old-school TV for nostalgia, you can still receive up-to-date programming with a new TV tuner converter. Repurposing the set for watching VHS movies, playing retro video games, going from TV to PC by connecting your computer or watching shows through a converter box is a good way to keep a legacy TV from collecting dust. Don't despair if you can't get it working; instead of shelving or disposing of that television, try fixing it with a new electric switch. Sears carries a number of switches and electronic components to help you fix an old box.

      If your old TV has given up the ghost, there are plenty of other options to keep you tuned in, and they don't require you to sit on your couch. A portable TV from Sears can keep you entertained whether you're hosting a back yard cookout or are on the road. Many portable televisions include the same feature set as your living room TV. Some have high-definition screens. When combined with their digital TV tuners, they can receive the same over-the-air HD programming that you enjoy from the comfort of your home.

      Whether you're using an old-school cathode-ray TV or the latest HD flat screen, you'll sometimes need a way to need a way to power your home entertainment media from a remote location, especially if you are traveling or moving a lot. power inverter can keep all your mobile electronics charged and ready to go, when you're on the go. Power inverters convert direct current (DC) that comes out of a car battery to the alternating current (AC) that your electronics need to operate. Simply plug your inverter into your vehicle, and you can use it to power your TV right from your vehicle battery. Models are available with voltage and thermal protection so you can even use them to power delicate electronics like laptops and e-readers.

      Electronics technology is advancing more and more quickly, but sometimes its nice to stick with the tried-and-true. If you've got an older TV that's given many years of good service, you can give it a new lease on life with a new tuner converter box from Sears. Pick up a TV converter and you can enjoy movies, TV and gaming on your old-school TV for years to come.


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