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      Replace and repair front and rear projection TVs with projection TV lamps from Sears

      When your projection TV gets dimmer, starts to flicker or produces dark spots, that means you need to replace the projector lamp. At Sears, you can find projection TV lamps from top electronics brands to repair both front and rear projection televisions. Whether you're replacing the lamp yourself or hiring an expert repairman, Sears has what you need to get your home entertainment center back up and running.

      If you have a projection TV, it's likely that you're a television and/or movie enthusiast. In other words, you use your TV a lot. Unfortunately, how often you watch your TV can be one of the determining factors in calculating how often you need to change the projector lamp. All projection TVs have a life cycle, meaning the projector lamp will start to fade, dim or stop working after a certain amount of hours watched. If you have a rear projection TV, the typical lamp lifespan is around 2,000 hours or one to two years, depending on how often you use it. Sears has rear projection TV lamps in a variety of brands to help keep your television shining bright.

      If you have a front projection TV, the setup may be different than a rear projection television, but the maintenance is virtually the same. With front projection TVs, screens are hung on walls opposite projectors, which are usually hung from the ceiling with projector ceiling mounts. When you have this setup, the projector lamp is what requires replacing, again depending on how often it runs. You can shop Sears' selection of front projector lamps every 18 months or so to keep up with the lamp lifespan and help your TV operate at its optimal level.

      Projector lamps in front and rear projection TVs need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. Maybe it isn't the amount of TV you're watching, but the amount of time you leave it on when you're not watching it. Perhaps you have the brightness turned up too high. If your projectors and screens take on too much direct sunlight, that can also have an effect on the lifespan. Even a simple changing of the air filter from time to time can have an effect on how often you need to replace a projection TV lamp.

      Whether you have a front or rear projection TV, you will eventually need to replace the projector lamp if you want to retain the best picture possible. Be sure to consult your devices owners manual before replacing a projector lamp, or hire a qualified expert to repair it. However you choose to repair your projection TV, you can find an assortment of compatible projection TV lamps and other TV accessories at Sears.


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