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      Help save money with battery chargers from Sears

      So many of our gadgets and household items today are battery powered. Batteries aren't that expensive, but costs can add up quickly if you're frequently buying them to feed those power-hungry devices. The best way to save is to make the transition to rechargeable batteries and battery chargers from Sears. By recharging the same batteries, you save money and help the environment.

      Making the change to rechargeable batteries can be a challenge. The batteries have a high initial cost, but save you money in the long run. Once you make the switch to rechargeable batteries from Sears, you will see how convenient it is to have a refreshed set of batteries on hand whenever you need them. You won't ever need to run out to the store just because you want to turn on your device. Perhaps the most common concern though is compatibility, but standard and rechargeable batteries for electronics and appliances are often interchangeable. In other words, if a device takes AA batteries, rechargeable AA batteries will also work on your device.

      For standard-sized batteries, you will also discover a lot of versatility. Sears has charger units that can handle several battery sizes and hold up to 12 batteries at a time. Chargers are not limited to general batteries like AA and AAA. You will find universal chargers for your smart phone batteries and even chargers for hearing aid batteries. For smaller portable units, use USB battery chargers so that you can bring your charger anywhere and plug into anything with a USB port.

      For the most part, battery chargers and rechargeable batteries are sold separately. Sears has some starter kits will include both, but mixing and matching of brands is supported by all chargers and batteries. As a rule of thumb, however, it's a good idea to keep your batteries in branded pairs and groups of four, three or depending on what your devices call for. Not all replacement batteries are the same and some brands will have additional features like more capacity and faster charging capabilities. So you'll want to take features into consideration when purchasing and storing batteries.

      By using rechargeable batteries, you'll save money and time. Sears has a diverse selection of chargers and batteries so you can find everything you need for all your electronics.


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