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      Always have a stock of general purpose batteries on hand

      Older kids may enjoy challenging each other to a rousing video game marathon while your younger kids may prefer interacting with musical toys in the playroom. Maybe it's movie night, and you've finally ran out of working batteries. No matter which toys, games or devices you prefer for family night, many popular options probably require batteries. In fact, it's hard to find gadgets today that do not use batteries. General purpose batteries serve are the essence of entertainment, fun and activity in your home. With them, you keep smiles on the faces of both young and old players as you interact, learn and stay entertained together.

      You need batteries if you decide to spend family game night playing a battery-operated board game or competing against each other in the newest electronic sports game. Turning on a game and discovering that the battery has run low is a common problem. Luckily, you have a stock of replacements on hand. Ensure the success of every game night when you stock various batteries for electronics. Sears has general purpose batteries that come in several sizes for all the devices that keep your family entertained.

      When the weather warms up, take everyone outside for game night and play with remote or radio control toys, or RC toys. These entertaining and educational toys provide an excellent opportunity for users to perfect fine motor skills and have fun outdoors. Since RC toys remain a valuable part of your family life, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers ensure you always have power for the toys you and your family enjoy as you race to the finish line.

      Moving a set of batteries from device to device in order to avoid the store is only a temporary solution. Imagine if you saw a perfect opportunity for a picture of your family, but you go to grab you camera, and it's dead. By the time you pick up your camera phone, the moment has passed, and you've failed to capture it. Situations like these arise without warning; make sure you're well-stocked, so all your gadgets are always in working order. From specialty watch batteries to general purpose AA or AAA for cameras or toys, Sears has everything you need to keep your devices powered up whenever you need them.

      The battery-powered toys and games in your home serve an important purpose as they keep your entire family entertained. Sears has a selection of specialized and general purpose batteries so that the gadgets that bring you together are always in working order.


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