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Charge up your life with batteries from Sears

Imagine the lights going out in your home and the one flashlight you can find has dead batteries. You search high and low only to find that you have every size except the one you need. If this scene, or one like it, has never happened to you, count yourself as one of the lucky few. Remote controls and electronic toys use batteries quickly. It seems as though they always drain at the most inopportune of times. Let Sears help you stock up on all of the batteries you need. We have the best brands of batteries and chargers so that your batteries last longer and you always have the right size in your home.

Children's toys are arguably the most common items that require regularly battery changes. Electronic toys drain through low-end batteries within a day if they are used consistently or are left turned on. Items like toy train buildings are not nearly as fun if there are no working batteries to allow the trains to move. Parents may not like the idea of constant interruption to unscrew the battery compartment and replace batteries. Sears has batteries that help you to avoid this frustration. Our top brands give you the longest battery life so that toys can keep going strong day after day.

You can never have too many batteries. Sears helps with this through bulk-sized battery packages. Owning multiple batteries is vital if you have children in your home. As kids age, their toys become much more reliant on electricity and battery power. Whereas younger children may be satisfied with toy train tracks made from wood, older children want trains that are propelled along the tracks. The same is true with many of their other toys: As imagination begins to grow, so does the need for electronic devices.

A common concern for parents is where to store all of the batteries they have for their children's toys. One option is to place a labelled, plastic storage bin under playtables for easy access. Sears has battery storage units that sort and store battery so that it is easy to find the size you need when you need it. Many of these fit snugly in drawers, but you should make sure that your drawer is in a cool, dry location for optimal battery life. Find a centralized location in the house to place the batteries so that every member of the family has easy access to them. Another smart decision is to leave a spare package of batteries next to flashlights in case of an emergency.

Have you ever shopped for batteries only to realize you are not sure which size to buy? This is not uncommon, but still very frustrating. A good rule is to keep a physical or mental checklist of the types of batteries most often used in your home. Children's toys and small electronics commonly use AA or AAA. Flashlights and larger items generally use C or D. Digital cameras may require a Lithium-Ion battery that has a longer life. Purchase multiples of your most used batteries through Sears today.