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Maintain your video players with disc cleaning products

Maintain the health of your CD and DVD players with disc cleaning products from Sears. We carry hundreds of maintenance supplies to remove dust from the DVD tray and to repair scratches on your CDs. Our RCA Brush Dry laser lens cleaner works in both CD and DVD players, and the Aleratec DVD-CD Disc Repair Plus system removes scratches, cleans and buffs the surfaces of your music and movie discs. Whether you have to clean your CD player or wipe off your DVDs, get the disc cleaning products you need at Sears.

We have Hewlett-Packard cleaning cartridges for removing dust and buildup in your VCRs, and many of our disc cleaning products work in Blu-ray players. Use Allsop scratch repair kits on your Blu-ray movies and audio discs. It comes with solution, cleaning discs and a microfiber cloth for removing dust and smudges from the disc's surface. We also have specialized Endust lens cleaner for all Blu-ray players. From lens cleaner to microfiber cloths, make sure your player operates its best when you use disc cleaning supplies regularly.

Some players accept both cassettes and discs, so you need two forms of cleaning products to handle each player. If you use VCR-DVD combos, then you need a Maxell disc repair kit and a VHS cleaning cartridge. In order to clean the player, just insert the disc as you would any movie, and press the play button. Depending on the player, the disc or cassette cleans the lens or the heads and removes dust and debris from within the player. We also have Imation cleaning cartridges for use in floppy disk drives on your home or office computers.

In addition to repairing scratches on your CDs or dust in your DVD players, you need cleaning supplies for alternative media devices in your home. If you have turntables with support for vinyl, CD and audiocassette playback, then you need three forms of cleaning supplies to handle the job. Never play your vinyl records until you clean them; it prevents scratches and damage from buildup along the grooves and over the surface. Lightly use a microfiber cloth or a feather duster to remove dust from the record. Use soap and water for dirt and grime that clings to the surface. For the CD player and the audiocassette deck, use a standard Maxell lens cleaner and a cleaning cartridge at least once a month.

Keep your Blu-ray movies and CD players free of dust and debris when you use lens cleaners and other cleaning supplies. Use a cleaning disc and a cartridge cleaner on your VCR-DVD combos, and wipe off your records with a microfiber cloth before playing them on the turntable. Learn more about cleaning your home theater and audio electronics when you shop online at Sears.


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