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There are so many DVDs available and DVD recorders for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. DVD players are becoming a staple in every home, and who says you should have to wait until a certain movie is on cable? You can even watch your home movies or downloads on your DVD player through the use of a DVD recorder. Different types of DVD recorders burn discs from your computer or from VHS to DVD. Sears has everything you need to watch movies comfortably.

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Use DVD recorders to back up your movies

Make backups of your movies when you use DVD recorders from Sears. We carry a full lineup of name-brand DVD recorders from Magnavox and Toshiba with line-in recording and built-in tuners. We also have HD DVD recorders with full support for 1080p recording, and you can find Magnavox DVD recorders with 4-head hi-fi VHS support for recording your tapes to CDs. Whether you would like to make backup copies of your VHS tapes or your DVDs, you can find a DVD recorder at Sears to do the job.

DVD recorders fit conveniently alongside your other electronics in your home entertainment center. When you back up all your DVD movies, you don't have to worry about damaging your original copies. You can also burn copies of your MP4 video files on the computer for playback on your DVD player and your television. If you want even more movies to add to your home collection, we have hundreds of DVD movies from actions to westerns to keep you and your entire family entertained every night of the week.

Many of our DVD recorders offer progressive scan, S-Video ports and satellite link recording. With the Magnavox DVD recorder, you can even play your CDs and listen to your music in surround sound. When combined with component CD players, you have a powerful combination for recording DVDs and playing CDs in your home theater room. We have CD players from TEAC that also offer MP3 playback, so you can connect your iPod or similar MP3 player to the CD player via the line input. You can find CD changers, DVD-VHS recorders and the gear for your home theater.

As you invest in more electronics for your home theater, you may want to have equipment for routing all your devices together. We have audio receivers with multiple line inputs for connecting your component CD players, Blu-ray players and DVD recorders all in one unit. Many audio receivers support RCA, S-Video and HDMI, so you have a variety of options when connecting your recorder to the receiver. With HDMI, you can use one cable to send uncompressed video and audio information to your receiver and your TV. When creating your home theater, consider an audio receiver if you want to connect and control all your electronics from one device.

Back up your movies with a DVD recorder and fill your video library with entertaining action, comedy and horror DVD movies. Play your CDs over the surround-sound speakers with a component CD player, and use an audio receiver to control the volume of your electronics. Shop Sears' online inventory for more affordable name-brand electronics and accessories for your home theater.


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