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Portable DVD Players For On The Move Entertainment

Portable DVD players provide an easy, convenient way to view movies on-the-go. They're a great lightweight tool for frequent travelers, and thanks to advanced LCD screens and speaker technology, many portable DVD players are also perfect for viewing movies at home. Sears offers a variety of portable DVD players from brands such as Sony, RCA and Coby.

Most portable DVD players have screens ranging from 7-10 inches. Screen size is usually measured diagonally on portable players with high definition capability. 7-inch portable DVD players are extremely portable and can play several movies on a single charge, but 9-inch DVD players may provide a better movie-viewing experience. Larger screens usually mean larger power requirements, however, so it's a good idea to check the rated battery life of a DVD player before buying. Portable DVD players almost always use LCD screens, because LCD technology offers high-quality image reproduction without the high cost of alternatives like plasma and LED.

Some portable DVD players come with car chargers or other accessories that make travel easier. Most at least have an included wall charger. Other accessories may include soft cases, which can provide key protection for DVD players. Cases are especially important for lightweight portable DVD players, which can be accidentally damaged if they aren't properly protected.

While all DVD players can also play music CDs, some portable DVD players are better suited for on-the-go music. These portable DVD/CD players have high quality built-in speakers and may be powered with either rechargeable batteries or standard alkaline batteries. A DVD/CD player can be a great all-in-one source of entertainment at the beach, on camping trips and in other outdoor environments.

With portable DVD players from Sears, it's easy to travel almost anywhere with a collection of movies and TV shows to help pass the time.



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