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      Connect any HD device with an HDMI cable

      High-definition content requires specialized gear to transmit high quality images, audio and large amounts of data. HDMI cables are an all in one HD video and audio transfer system. Gone are the days of having to untangle red, white and yellow component cables to connect a DVD player. Sears has high-quality cables that will be sure to retain quality of media during the transfer to display.

      When it comes to showing off the latest set of pictures from vacation or video of that first soccer game, a mini HDMI cable will transfer all your images to a computer or TV. These devices aren't large enough for a full-size HDMI outlet, so this smaller size ensures you can still enjoy your HD content directly from the device. Most DSLR cameras come with a mini HDMI to USB cord. Mini to full-size cables are perfect for displaying pictures on the big screen.

      At the office or at home, a DVI to HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect computer and TV or projector. This way you can project presentations or stream video from your favorite website. Get the durable HDMI cables you need for any device at Sears.


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