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      Browse a selection of easy-to-use point and shoot cameras at Sears

      Relive your favorite moments again and again with the help of a point and shoot camera. Sears offers plenty of digital cameras that snap photos and take videos without effort thanks to intuitive automatic settings. Discover basic digital cameras that take the guesswork out of photography, automatically adjusting to take a great photo whether you're inside, outside, in motion or in the dark. If it's the red eye that gets you every time, or your photos always seem to look blurry, Sears has a digital camera that solves your picture dilemmas.

      Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy-to-use camera, or you're an expert looking for a basic camera to supplement an advanced digital SLR camera bundle, you'll locate great possibilities at Sears. Find a quality digital camera that takes crisp, clear photos and switches to HD video with the press of a button. Edit your movies right on the camera with options to trim footage or combine separate videos into one file.

      A great complement to a favorite film camera, point and shoot cameras offer modern technology in a simplistic package. Choose a camera with a digital zoom that extends the optical zoom for super-close photos without ruining the quality of the image. You'll never miss a detail with an ultra wide-angle lens, sure to capture the big picture. Enjoy showstopping panoramic photos with digital cameras that take a series of quick frames to form a full panoramic image with the press of a button and a simple sweeping motion. Face, smile and blink detection features ensure your photos are snapped at the perfect moment, eliminating retakes or disappointment. Indulge your creativity with cool filters and editing options that produce eye-catching results, like partial color and watercolor effects or 3D shooting. You can also retouch images with genius quick fixes like blemish removal or teeth whitening.

      It's easy to transfer photos and video from a digital camera. Sears even carries cameras with Wi-Fi functionality, allowing you to share files fast. Access printers, laptops, personal computers and portable devices to upload your photos and videos quickly and efficiently. Many cameras even come equipped with GPS to tag your photos and videos with a location. This smart sorting helps keep your files organized by trip or adventure, so you can easily pinpoint photos and videos later.

      No matter your level of camera comfort, you'll feel like a pro with one of our point and shoot cameras. From landscapes and portraits to first birthdays and graduations, snap the important shots with confidence. Carrying cutting-edge brands like Sony, Canon and Samsung, you'll find the best of the best in an easy package when you shop Sears for digital cameras.


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