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      Shoot for the stars with digital cameras and camera bundles from Sears

      For many the years, people have mused about how wonderful it would be to keep time in a bottle. Today you can, in a way, with the latest innovations in digital photography. Technology has enabled us to capture those special moments so we can revisit them anytime we want. In the beginning, a camera was not much more than a wooden box with a glass lens that took only muted black and white photographs; now, even basic digital cameras are sophisticated devices capable of high definition images with colors that are as vibrant as they were in real life.

      Though film cameras still exist, the popularity of digital photography has skyrocketed. The days of waiting a week for your pictures to be processed and then hoping they came out are virtually over. Now you can shoot your subject matter and see what you're getting right away thanks to built-in video screens rather than tiny viewfinders. If you don't like how a shot came out, you can simply delete it before it ever gets printed. Large capacity memory cards allow you to store hundreds, even thousands of shots on a single chip that's barely the size of a postage stamp. Even the expensive and time consuming process of converting photos into slides for family viewing has made way for sleeker, sharper presentations with various digital picture frames.

      Basic digital cameras come with a variety of features that are as diverse as the individuals who use them. Automatic point-and-shoot models are popular because of their light weight, easy setup and ability to take good pictures with minimal setting adjustments. This dual-lens technology is made for ease and convenience, but also tends to be less accurate during action or night photography. More sophisticated cameras, like digital SLRs (single-lens reflex), utilize just one lens that captures the total image. These lenses also need to be swapped out to take wide-angle or telephoto pictures. Overall, more work is also called for to compose the shot, but the photographer has greater control over how it's captured.

      When you select your DSLR camera combo, don't forget to grab some editing software. In addition to making photography easier, the digital age has also brought with it the opportunity to quickly correct flaws in pictures and even manipulate them to add or subtract elements that were not present during the initial shot. Lighting and color saturation are now more controllable to present photos with greater depth, richer tones and even special effects that add a dynamic edge. Good desktop computer packages can include not only the hardware, but also the software needed to present the best possible results. Software may even be available with one of our handy DSLR camera bundles.

      Options abound for modern shutterbugs: from compact cameras that practically do the thinking for you, to larger and more involved equipment that requires manual adjustments to ensure the best picture. Even if a photo isn't perfect at first, different kinds of software exist to tweak your images for maximum effect. So whatever your skill level may be, make Sears your source for the greatest deals on digital cameras and digital SLR camera bundles.


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