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Capture the moment with a digital camera

Having a digital camera gives you the freedom to capture the world around you in stunning high resolution. Sears carries a complete inventory of digital cameras with features such as optical zoom and touch-screen LCD displays. We even have digital SLR cameras with 1080p high-definition video recording for capturing live events as they unfold. Check out our Canon digital cameras with advanced auto-focus and image stabilization, and capture the clearest image possible with the 16.2-megapixel Sony a35. From Canon to Nikon, we carry the camera you want for your home or professional studio.

As technology advances, you see more and more cell phones equipped with high-resolution cameras. In some cases, phones like the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3 provide comparable results to a low-grade digital SLR camera. Even with an 8-megapixel smartphone camera, you can't achieve the same clarity or gain access to advanced features like you can with a digital camera. As an example, our Canon EOS Rebel T3i has an 18-million-pixel sensor resolution and 1/4000-second shutter speed, and it supports lenses of various sizes. Digital SLR cameras also provide better manual and automatic focusing when recording live video.

Other benefits of using a digital SLR include easy file transfer and compatibility with accessories such as camera flashes. Not all camera phones have flash, which makes it difficult to capture quality images in low-light conditions. Since most digital SLR cameras support camera flashes of all shapes and sizes, you can get the exact lighting condition you want with the switch of a flash. Most professional-quality digital SLR cameras come with software for transferring your photos and video from the camera to the computer. The software also includes editing programs for removing red eye and lens distortion.

With all of its power and support for accessories, a digital SLR camera still needs blank camera memory discs to store your photos and videos as you capture them. Some SLR cameras even let you format the disc and play it directly on a computer or in a DVD player. Digital cameras like the Nikon D3100 also support microSD cards, so you can transfer your files to a computer that has an SD drive. Whether you choose a blank disc, an SD card or a USB cord, digital SLR cameras give you plenty of options to transfer your files.

With high shutter speeds, improved AF and lossless image formats, a digital camera proves useful whether you shoot professionally or as a hobby. The camera gives you more options and features than a smartphone camera, and it provides multiple options for transferring your files to a computer for editing and printing. Learn more about the advantages of choosing digital SLR cameras when you shop online at Sears.

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