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      Find the perfect HD camcorder and accessories for your family and work projects at Sears

      Whether you're replacing your video camera or you're ready to purchase your first camcorder, having an HD camcorder in your life is going to be fun and exciting. HD has become the standard for the video industry, and it produces the clearest picture quality out there. Soon you'll see opportunities everywhere to capture experiences on video, and your family will love gathering together to relive special moments. If you're using your camera for work projects, you'll want them to look top notch, and making sure you are using a digital video camera with HD capabilities is the best way to go. You can even write scripts and create movie-theater quality videos with the right digital HD video camera.

      Preparing to purchase your digital HD camcorder can be a confusing experience. As you research various digital camcorders, let us make it easy by helping you determine the choice that's right for you. The possibilities with HD cameras are endless, and the first thing you'll want to do is get clear on what you want the camera to do for you. Will you be shooting video of your child playing basketball, running alongside the players as they dash down the court? Will you be filming your child's play while the camera sits on a tripod? Are you needing to shoot scenes for work projects and then edit them together with presentation slides? Do you plan to create slideshows with music or take video of your wedding?

      Each of these scenarios requires different features in your camera. Some require a handheld camera that performs well while your subject is moving, and possibly you are, too. Others just require a nice, clear picture as your camera sits in a sedentary spot. Some require a high-quality microphone. For others, you'll want to make sure the video for that camera can be quickly and easily uploaded to your computer, perhaps using specialty camera cables.

      Camera cables, mics and other accessories may or may not come with your camcorder, and you'll want to check the product packaging before you complete your purchase to see exactly what's included. Thumb drives, USB cables and memory cards are typical ways you will take the video you've shot and transfer it to another device. Just make sure that if you need to purchase a camera cable, it's an HDMI video cable. HDMI cables are specially designed to handle complicated HD file transmissions in a single cable to preserve the quality of your videos as they transfer to your computer, TV or other device.

      Bottom line: First get clear on exactly what you want your HD camcorder to do for you. Think ahead so you'll make sure you have your bases covered for years to come. Then, choose a camera that has the specific features you need. Last, see what accessories come with your camera and which ones you may need to purchase. And make sure that if you need a camera USB cable, it's an HDMI cable. Count on Sears to take care of all your camcorder needs with brands you love.


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