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Satellite Car Radio Keeps Your Stations Local

Satellite radio provides listeners with a tremendous number of talk shows and commercial-free music. For many subscribers, it's a perfect way to find new artists or to stay up-to-date on the latest news, and with subscription costs of only a few dollars per month, satellite radio companies like SiriusXM offer great content at an incredible price. Sears has satellite radios and accessories from SiriusXM, Audiovox and other well-known brands for a better radio experience in the home, car or office.

There are a few types of satellite radios available including portable units with built-in MP3 players, DVR-like recording features and brilliant color screens that display up-to-the-second programming information. Portable satellite radios can easily take the place of an iPod or another MP3 player while offering a much better selection of content.

Car and home satellite radio systems typically consist of a removable main unit, a power source and antennae. These systems cost less than most portable satellite radios and can still have high-end features like rewind, pause and record functions. Many car satellite radios also have color screens and most have several presets for quickly finding a favorite channel.

Some satellite radios can work in multiple environments with the right accessories. Satellite radio antennae can be useful for improving your radio's reception. Docking stations are great for home use, as they provide simple plug-and-play functionality and often have audio outputs for connecting to a home stereo.

A satellite radio can be a reason to look forward to your morning commute, and with the right satellite systems, you can enjoy an incredible variety of programs almost anywhere. Shop with Sears to enjoy the best satellite radio units and accessories at unbelievably low prices.


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