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Mobile Video Keeps Passengers Entertained

Road trips are great fun for families. Whether it's heading to grandma's house for Thanksgiving or taking a summer trip to the beach, road trips are a chance to re-connect and spend time with the ones you love.

However, road trips can also be a time when the little ones ask, re we there yet? or complain, he hit me! For families trying to keep the peace and still have fun on a road trip, mobile video has become an absolute life-saver. At Sears, we have great mobile video brands at excellent prices.

When it comes to watching DVDs in your car, there are three primary options to choose from. First, there's the flip-down ceiling-mounted monitors. The models offered by Sears are high-definition LCD panels with backlighting. When the movie goes in, whoever is in the backseat can listen via wireless headsets, giving everyone in the front seat a chance to enjoy the peace and quiet, have a conversation, or listen to the radio.

The second option is a headrest monitor. The advantage to a headrest monitor is that you can install more than one monitor, circumventing arguments over which movie the backseat riders want to watch. With two headrest monitors, two kids can watch two different movies.

The third option is a portable DVD player. Unlike our other mobile video devices, portable DVD players don't have to stay in the car. They can go in the car, but they can also go on a plane, to a dinner party, or anywhere else where families might want to watch their DVDs.

Once you've chosen the mobile video device that's right for your own family, be sure to stock up on wireless headphones. After you've done that, visit the Sears movie collection for a whole host of family-friendly movies and television shows of both yesterday and today.



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