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GPS Systems Take the Right Direction

The days of stopping to ask for directions are nearing an end thanks to high-quality GPS systems. Car GPS systems are more affordable and effective than ever, and Sears carries models from today's most trusted brands. Advanced technologies like text-to-speech and detour functions allow drivers to get where they're going quickly, easily and without any hassles at all. When paired with a well-designed mounting kit, a car GPS system provides smooth driving experiences for anyone.

Popular products like Garmin Nuvi GPS systems are available for very affordable prices from Sears. Ultra-thin models are light enough to carry around wherever a person needs to go. That comes in handy for functions like pedestrian routing, which can be used to navigate a city on foot with absolute ease. Exceptionally wide touchscreen designs bring street maps to life. Easy-to-set via points add to the effectiveness of these indispensable devices.

Those who are concerned about taking their eyes off the road for even a second will appreciate the great features of a Motorola GPS system or a similar product. Bluetooth technology allows this kind of system to be used in a completely hands-free way. Advanced voice recognition features allow drivers to tell the GPS where they need to go. Cool touches like 3-D landmarks increase a driver's ability to find his way there the first time.

A TomTom GPS system or something similar is another exceptional option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of GPS navigation without the huge price tag. Maps for these systems are updated all the time. Corrections are submitted by everyday people to ensure the accuracy of those maps. Mounting brackets fold down so that the whole system can be carried in a person's pocket. Most importantly, this type of technology is available for very reasonable prices from Sears.

Whether the original mounting kit is lost or a person just wants to keep a spare one on hand, Sears stocks a wide range of GPS mounting kits for several of today's most popular GPS systems. Some people prefer the out-of-the-way designs of visor mounting kits, while others like dashboard-mounted models. There are also kits that mount GPS systems to car windshields too. Quick-release mechanisms make it a breeze to grab GPS systems for safekeeping.

With Sears' phenomenal selection of first-rate GPS systems, there's no excuse for anyone to lose their way. Sophisticated technology and attractively low prices come together to make these systems perfect for any traveler. Whether commuting to work or driving across the country, a person is sure to appreciate these great devices.



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