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      Talk anywhere with cell phones from Sears

      Cell phones give you the freedom to stay in touch with friends and family while on the go. Sears carries a full range of cell phones and accessories with features like GPS and voice navigation. Select from contract and prepaid phones from Verizon and Boost Mobile, or opt for unlocked phones to get the exact phone you want with your carrier. We have popular smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, and you can find traditional flip phones with QWERTY keyboards and high-resolution cameras.

      Cell phone headsets come in handy if you want to talk but keep your hands free to do other things like office tasks or driving. While a cell phone like the Samsung S425G has a hands-free speaker, it doesn't help if you have to continue your conversation while at a distance from the phone. Just connect a headset to your phone via the headphone jack, and place the phone in your pocket. You can control the volume of the conversation from the headset cord, or you can opt for a Bluetooth headset and control the phone wirelessly from your earpiece.

      Cell phones like the iPhone 5 have glass screens, which show scratches and smudges over time with consistent use. Whether you own a Blackberry Curve or the Samsung Galaxy, protect the screen from damage with cell phone screen protectors. Anti-spy screen protectors prove useful when traveling next to someone or conducting important business that you want to keep private. Because the HTC One X has such a large glass display, it can cause glare when you view the phone at an angle. You can prevent the glare with anti-glare screen protectors, which also reduce grease buildup on the glass.

      Whether you have an iPhone or a Nokia, cell phones contain small SIM cards, which store all of your information such as contacts and text messages. You can activate your cell phone and keep all of your information from your old phone just by inserting the SIM card into the new phone. Because most carriers have their own SIM cards for use with their phones, you may want an unlocked cell phone if you plan to use a phone that your carrier doesn't support.

      Have a cell phone on hand in case of an emergency when traveling, and use a cell phone headset to keep your hands on the wheel. Screen protectors come in a variety of sizes to fit both standard flip phones and slim smartphones, and you can activate your new cell phone easily with a single transfer of a SIM card. Shop Sears online when you want an affordable collection of cell phones and accessories.


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