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Power your phone with cell phone chargers

Keep your cell phone powered at home and on the go when you invest in cell phone chargers from Sears. We carry a full range of chargers and adapters for use with almost every cell phone make and model. Invest in the Ecoo charger kit, which contains a wall charger, a travel charger and a USB charger all in one. We have solar-powered USB chargers and cradle chargers depending on your preference. Whether you recharge your phone battery at home or in the car, find the chargers you need for your iPhone or Android smartphone at Sears.

A car charger plugs into your car's lighter socket, and you can charge the phone and play music at the same time with additional audio auxiliary cables. Many of our car phone kits come bundled with chargers and mounts, and some include SIM card adapters for transferring information from your old phone to a new one. Position the car mount in the middle of the dashboard to keep your charger cord and auxiliary cables neatly in one spot.

Sometimes your phone still lacks sufficient power after recharging the battery. In this case, you may have a faulty charger cable, or you need new cordless phone batteries. Most chargers have LED indicators that light up when you plug the devices into the wall or the car lighter socket. Check to make sure you have a tight connection with your phone and charger. A loose connection results in improper recharging of your phone. If your charger works properly, then we have hundreds of replacement batteries that work with almost every cell phone on the market.

Depending on your device, we have generic cell phone chargers that also work with tablets like the Kindle Fire. Our desktop cradle charger works with the HTC Droid Incredible, and you can find iPhone 5 wall chargers that also double as USB chargers to use with your desktop or iPad. Even if you have a Motorola cell phone, you can use the Asmyna car charger to recharge your phone while driving. We even have charger adapters that convert your wall charger into both a car charger and a USB charger. Whether you need phone jacks for your room or a charger for the car, find the accessories you need to enhance your phone.

Invest in wall, car and USB cell phone chargers to recharge your battery at home and on the go. Consider a car phone kit that offers holsters, chargers and screen protectors in one bundle. Hold a charge even longer with a new phone battery, and install a phone in your room with a wall phone jack. Come to Sears for the best collection of phone chargers and accessories for your phone.


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