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      Keep your hands on the wheel with a Bluetooth headset

      Driving safely requires having both hands on the wheel at all times. A Bluetooth headset will let you take any call without needing to hang on to your phone. Most states have passed laws requiring hands free calls in the car, making a cellphone headset an essential part of your cellphone gear. Sears has a wide variety of hands-free headsets to pick from that will make it easy to take a call any time.

      If you want a minimalist headset, choose from the great selection of Bluetooth headsets. These small earpieces will fit comfortably in your ear and wirelessly pair with any compatible device. Sears carries top-of-the-line Bose Bluetooth headsets, so you'll be sure that every word comes through crystal clear. A quality headset is important; you don't want to find yourself having to struggle to reconnect a headset that keeps dropping the connection to your phone.

      There are also a number of wired hands-free headsets that can pair with your cellphone. Pick from a single ear or double ear headsets. You'll find models that have a clip to keep the microphone from swaying while you talk. Find all these cell phone headsets and more cell phone accessories at Sears to keep your phone protected and charged wherever you go.


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