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Do more with specialty cellphone accessories from Sears

Today's cellphones have come a long way from Alexander Graham Bell's original telephone design. Though their function is essentially the same, personal phones are now loaded with extras that put them practically on par with computers. With the right specialty phone accessories, like power adaptors, dashboard mounts, styluses and computer cables, these fancy phones can link users up to a treasure trove of information and entertainment.

More and more frequently, technology seems to be overlapping. Different devices share similar functions depending on what software they use and what hardware is connected to them. In many ways, today's sophisticated cellphones offer the same features as smart TVs or computers. These machines can all let you browse the Internet, watch videos, play music, play games and communicate with other people via social media. With TVs or computers, you're likely to hook up a keyboard, whereas many smart phones have one already built-in. Similarly, you may own a TV or computer that is attached to a surround sound stereo system, as opposed to a pair of headphones or ear buds for your cellphone. The differences are minor, but the results are essentially the same: an amazing audiovisual experience.

Cables and wires are among the most common electronics accessories. Specialty TV cables allow screens to show video in high definition and project sound through multiple speakers for a rich, theater-like experience. Computers offer similar connections. Even cellphones have their own adaptor cables that can patch them into larger keyboards, external speakers and even computers. Furthermore, phone charger kits will keep your cellphone's battery fully juiced with an assortment of plugs that connect via USB and other types of cables to computers, docking stations and even car cigarette lighters.

In addition to performance and convenience, adaptability is what makes these modern gadgets so popular. Just like remote controls have given people the ability to operate equipment from a distance, hands-free adaptors, like Bluetooth technology, have brought a new dimension of operational ease to cellphones, computers and video game consoles. Other wireless devices, like tablets, have enjoyed a surge in popularity because of their compact size, ease of use and lack of cable clutter.

People get their information and entertainment in a variety of ways. Whether they are watching TV on their tablets or reading eBooks on their smart phones, access to other people and interesting ideas is only a click or two away. Unsightly cables and confusing wire connections are slowly diminishing as specialty wireless phone accessories and other add-ons continue to bring users greater mobility. From decorative cases to noiseless headphones, battery rechargers and AV cables, Sears is always ready to help you make the most out of today's hottest electronic innovations.


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