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      Break through restrictions with unlocked cell phones

      When you purchase an unlocked cell phone, you get the exact phone and the service provider you want. Sears carries an inventory of unlocked cell phones for use with almost any mobile carrier you could choose. With an unlocked phone, you get the features you want without the limitations of any given provider. Choose the HTC One X unlocked phone to use on the Sprint Network or opt for the Apple iPhone 4 to use with T-Mobile. From Nokia to BlackBerry, find the unlocked cell phone you want at Sears.

      No matter which unlocked cell phone you choose, you want additional SIM cards to store contacts and other important information. If you plan to move from one phone to another, then you want to invest in a SIM card to carry over your text messages, address book or other data to the new phone. You can also activate your new unlocked phone just by using the SIM card from your old phone. If you want to transfer your apps, music or video files, then you want to use a SanDisk microSD card.

      Personalize and customize your new unlocked cell phone with Bluetooth headsets and other useful phone accessories. We have Speck cases and covers for use with your unlocked Apple iPhone, and you can find Nikura cell phone chargers to power your mobile phone in the car. Mount your phone on the dash or on the seat with an Arkon or Eforcity phone mount, and protect your phone's screen from scratches and smudges with a SmackTom screen protector. Whether you need a new cell phone battery or a car kit, we have the accessories you want for your unlocked cell phone.

      Just as VoIP phones let you make calls over the Internet, you can use unlocked phones to log on to the Web and instant message friends and family while on the go. Depending on your service contract, you have a specific amount of data you can use per month to access the Internet on your phone. With an unlocked smartphone, you can make and accept calls while chatting with someone on instant messenger. If you have a Skype app, then you can text message or make video calls through the Internet all from your smartphone.

      Invest in unlocked phones if you want to use a specific carrier that doesn't offer the phones you want. Transfer your data and activate your unlocked phone with a SIM card. Then, personalize your phone with skins, carriers and other cell phone accessories. Shop Sears's online inventory when you want the largest selection of popular unlocked phones and cell phone accessories.


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