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Drop the contract with prepaid cell phones

Choose prepaid cell phones if you hate the thought of signing a contract or paying more money for the features you want. Sears carries a range of prepaid phones to use with service providers such as Boost Mobile and Net 10. We have the Net 10 Samsung Galaxy and the Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro, so you can even enjoy the advanced features of a smartphone on a prepaid network. From Motorola flip phones to Verizon Pantech QWERTY phones, break free from contracts with a prepaid phone from Sears.

Talking on the phone while driving increases the risk of accidents. Instead of holding your phone as you drive, dock it on a dashboard or a vent mount. We have hundreds of cell phone mounts and docks for use with smaller flip phones and larger smartphones. The Arkon mount has a sticky base that attaches to your dash with ease, and the Amzer charging mount system plugs into your car's lighter socket. We even have an Arkon universal floor mount that attaches to your car seat and provides a 20-in. flexible arm to adjust the phone exactly where you want it.

Protect your prepaid cell phone screen from scratches or smudges while using the phone. You can find cell phone screen protectors that prevent grease build-up and reduce the amount of glare you see when viewing your phone at an angle. We also have the SmackTom privacy anti-spy screen protector, which renders your screen black when viewed from the sides. Whether you have an older or a newer prepaid phone, protect the screen from damage with an Eforcity or a Green Onions screen protector.

When you have a prepaid smartphone, you have access to GPS and voice navigation features. Some prepaid phones have one or two high-resolution digital cameras built right onto the units. As an example, the Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro prepaid phone features a 3.2-megapixel camera, which doubles as a video camcorder. Even the budget-friendly Motorola WX416 prepaid flip phone features a 2-megapixel camera for snapping photos on the go. From the Net 10 Samsung S425G to the Verizon Pantech Caper, find a prepaid cell phone that features high-megapixel cameras and access to the Web.

Prepaid cell phones give you the freedom to pay for the minutes you want without the restrictions of a contract. Stay safe while driving when you use a cell phone mount to hold your phone, and protect your screen from damage and prying eyes with an anti-spy screen protector. Choose Sears' online inventory when you want the most affordable cell phones and digital electronics for everyone in your home.

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