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Stay connected to family and friends with the latest cell phones

Cell phones are essential for communicating and accessing data on the go. The latest phones not only make and take calls, but they also let you tend to business, stream media, and view information from your wireless home monitoring systems. You can even enhance your devices with a wide variety of accessories, such as car kits, hands-free headsets and attractive phone cases. Whether you use a standard model for just calls or a smartphone for listening to music, you can find a phone from Sears that meets your needs.

Prepaid locked and unlocked cell phones are always viable options. If you don’t use enough minutes to justify a comprehensive cell phone plan, handle calls away from home on a prepaid phone. Use locked and unlocked phones with a compatible cell phone plan. With unlocked phones, you can switch providers without having to change your existing phone.

Keep track of calls, emails, notifications and other communications as they come in by wearing a smart watch. Smart watches connect wirelessly to your smartphone, allowing you to run apps, play digital media, and perform practical tasks without having to dig your mobile device out of a backpack or pocket. Connect them to a pair of wireless headphones to listen to your favorite music. These watches provide immediate connectivity while keeping your hands free. From work and play to communication, choose from a wide selection of cell phone at Sears that suit your needs.