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      Maintain your desktop and laptop with computer cleaners

      Computer fans suck in a lot of dust each day, and if you own a pet, then you could have pet hair stuck in your computer's interior parts. Increase the life of your desktop and laptop with computer cleaners from Sears. We carry a full range of cleaning accessories for blowing out dust, wiping away smudges and repairing scratches on your computer's surface. Whether you work at home or at the office, regular cleaning can improve your computer's performance and reduce additional wear on the parts.

      When wiping down your computer, use anti-static wipes to prevent static buildup that causes data loss on the hard drive. Use specially formulated cleaning solutions that work to remove grease and fingerprints from the desktop and laptop screens. You can even use the solution on your computer stands to remove any marring that your computer leaves behind. If you want to remove dust from the monitor and the keyboard, use a microfiber cloth that doesn't scratch the surface. Wipe down your keyboard regularly to prevent dirt and debris from lodging beneath the keys and falling into the case.

      A duster works well for blowing out excess dust, dirt and hair that your computer fan sucks in over time. Whether you own desktops or laptop docking stations, use a duster once a week to clear dust away from the fan and the internal parts. Hold the spray nozzle at least six inches away from the vent to prevent accidental liquid discharge from entering the computer and damaging the components. Dust Off and other spray dusters work quickly to remove trapped debris from your keyboard and loose dust from your speakers.

      Each time you open your laptop or touch your tablet display, you leave behind smudges and fingerprints that distort the images and text on the screen. If you don't use privacy screens or screen protectors, then an LCD cleaning system gently removes fingerprints and smudge buildup without scratching or harming your display. We have screen cleaning kits that contain microfiber cloths and spray for use with LCD and LED monitors. Before you place a screen protector on your display, clean it first with solution and a cloth to remove any grease that you can see through the screen protector.

      Computer cleaners come in gels, sprays and dusters, so you can remove grease buildup or dust easily from your computer's screen or interior casing. Wipe down your computer stands and laptop docking stations with a microfiber cloth, and invest in an anti-grease screen protector to prevent fingerprints and smudges. Come to Sears for more affordable name brand computers and computer accessories for your home and office.


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