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Protect your laptop with computer locks from Sears

Whether you're at school or the office, protect your laptop from theft with a computer lock from Sears. We carry a variety of computer locks to safeguard your laptop and netbook while you're away from your desk. Select from popular name brands like Kensington and Belkin, both of which offer locks with keyed and numerical safety features. We also offer laptop computer locks in a variety of colors, so you can complement your lock with the color of your laptop and carrying case.

When sitting at the Wi-Fi hot spot, don't leave your computer alone for one minute without a computer lock. If you have to get up and order a coffee or head to the bathroom, secure your laptop to the table with a keyed computer lock. Our Belkin computer locks feature galvanized steel cable and a padlock that improves its security. Make sure to wrap the computer lock around your laptop bags or other carrying cases to secure all of your belongings before leaving your seat.

Most modern laptop computers have an insert located on the right or the left sides near the display hinge. Attaching your computer lock takes only a few steps: Just tighten the lock into the insert, and wrap the cord around a secured object. You can also use computer locks to secure your netbooks and laptop docking stations to a desk, a table or a fixed chair leg. Because of their lightweight design, you can fold the locks and place them in your laptop bag storage pockets when it's time to leave school or the office.

Keyed computer locks typically come with two keys, so keep one on your key ring and the other in a safe place. Consider a retractable lock if you prefer to leave your lock attached to the computer at all times. You can safeguard your computer even more with locking programs that prevent other people from sidestepping your password and snooping through your files. Privacy screens also come in handy if you want to keep people from reading your documents over your shoulder. When it comes to securing your privacy and your equipment, Sears has locks and accessories to keep out prying eyes and protect your belongings.

Discourage potential thieves from stealing your laptop when you invest in a durable computer lock. Secure your laptop bag and docking stations with just one lock, and shield your information with a privacy screen when working in a crowded office or a Wi-Fi hot spot. Browse the Sears huge online inventory of affordable computer locks and useful accessories for your laptop and netbook computers.


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