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The right computer mice make life easier

You use your mouse every time you sit down at your computer. While you may not think there's much of a difference between mice, the right one will make using your computer a lot more enjoyable. The range of styles and options you'll find at Sears ensures you can pick a model that will be comfortable and easy for you to use. Whether you need to quickly destroy your enemies in online gaming or save your wrist from hours of strain at work, quality mice and accessories will improve your productivity.

Wireless mice are more affordable than ever, but we carry a variety of wired and wireless mice to suit your tastes. Our wired options include USB 2.0 connections for the fastest response times and retractable wires to keep your desk tidy. Combine ergonomically-designed mice with wrist rests for optimal comfort and freedom from wrist strain. Programmable buttons put opening programs, performing basic functions and accessing abilities in video games at the tips of your fingers. The variety of grips and button placements available make it easy to find something that will fit your hand just right.

Our selection of styles includes standard mice, track balls or even the latest optical finger mice that you can wear like a ring. Artists from animators to digital painters will love the flexibility and smooth operation of a computer tablet and stylus. Business professionals will benefit from our wireless remote presenters. Say goodbye to the slow and frustrating mouse that came with your computer. Modern technology ensures that investing in a good mouse will give you precision scrolling capabilities and very little lag between clicks and execution.

A quality mouse is just one of the ways you can improve your day-to-day activities at the computer. Sears offers a full selection of computer chairs to help you sit in style and give you better lumbar support. Upgrade to a more reliable and ergonomic keyboard right along with your mouse to enjoy even more custom keys and comfortable computing. Keep your work away from curious eyes with privacy screens or open up your world with a high-definition webcam. Your computer should work for you in every way, and Sears gives you the tools to make it so.

Computer mice are often overlooked for upgrades despite being a necessity. Once you have a better model, you'll quickly begin to wonder how you ever got work done without the simple options like a click-wheel or increased sensitivity. For work or home, accounting or gaming, you'll find a mouse that's as simple or as advanced as you need at Sears.


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