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      Point and click easily with a wireless mouse

      Dealing with tangled wires and cables can make using your mouse difficult. Clear up some of the mess and get a wireless computer mouse. Bluetooth mice alleviate tangled wires that can make moving your mouse on a cluttered desk a chore. When traveling with your laptop, a wireless mouse is easier to use while on-the-go. There are also plenty of wired mice that are perfect for your desktop computer. Trackball mice are great for limited workspaces, since they don't need extra room to move around

      Gaming mice make PC gaming faster and easier. They have extra buttons that you can program for different functions within your game. When you're playing online, speed is the key. A classic mouse will have you working harder with only two buttons. Shop for PC games that will go perfectly with your new gaming mouse.

      Traveling with a mouse can be difficult. Sears has portable options that will fit perfectly into your laptop bag. The USB receiver snaps in and gives you immediate control over your computer. Since they run on a couple AA batteries, these mice are light and are good to go wherever you need them. Shop from a selection of top brands so you'll be sure to have a mouse that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle.


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