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Choose the right desktop computer or PC for your home or office at Sears

Technology is progressing so rapidly, it's hard to believe we ever got by without PCs in our homes and offices. Computers make managing our day-to-day lives easier, entertain us and give us access to virtually any information in just a few seconds. What seemed like the newest and fastest computer just a couple of years ago quickly became obsolete. Choosing the right PC can be challenging. Let Sears help by showing you a few key areas to consider so you find the perfect PC for your situation.

Desktop computers have numerous features available; some of them will be crucial for you and others may not be necessary at all, depending on what you plan to use the computer for. It is just as easy to buy too much computer as to leave yourself needing something with more expansive capabilities. Before you look at the various PCs on the market, you'll want to assess the top five or ten ways you plan to use the computer in your life, your household and your work. Think about how your children will use it, the types of problems it solves for you and think ahead to determine what you might need going forward. If you are starting from scratch, purchasing a desktop computer bundle might make the most sense. It can save you money and you won't have to worry about whether the components are compatible.

When buying your computer, look at key features like the processor, memory, built-in programs and the size and quality of the monitor. Two of the most important features of your PC are the speed of the processor and the amount of memory. The components that will be best for you will depend on specifically what your computer is used for. If you've ever used a PC that almost seemed like it had to stop to take a breath when you clicked to open a program or file, it was probably because of the processor wasn't adequate. If your teenager does a lot of gaming, you watch videos online or you run a lot of software programs at once, you might need a super-fast processor and lots of memory. If all you use your desktop computer for is to manage the family budget and surf the internet for recipes or restaurant reservations, getting the latest and greatest technology isn't all that important.

Depending on your current set up, it's possible you might need a new PC tower only. The PC tower is the rectangular box that usually sits on the floor or under your flat screen monitor that holds the components of the computer. Buying the tower stand-alone makes sense if you are happy with your current monitor and don't need to replace it, if you need a non-standard monitor size or you have plenty of space for your computer. On the flip side, many people choose all-in-one desktops because of their compact style, either because they are short on space or they feel this type of PC leaves a more favorable environmental footprint.

Think about what you use your computer for now and how your needs might change in the next three to five years. Then, check out various desktop computers to see what features they have. Match up the features with your list of crucial hardware and software needs, and you'll be able to make a great decision for you and your family. Sears has a large selection of various desktops and PCs to suit any situation.


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