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Streamline your workspace with all-in-one PCs from Sears

In today's fast-paced world, we're constantly striving to do things faster and more efficiently. Our technology is becoming increasingly smaller, sleeker and more portable. Our desire for convenience has manifested a new generation of integrated machines, like printers with built-in scanners and copiers, which combine functions into a single unit when they were once spread among several of them. All-in-one computers and tablets are the latest innovation in this technology, bringing together a CPU and monitor into one tight little package.

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of PC laptops. These amazing computers bring all the functionality of a home desktop system into an easily portable design that you can carry around in a briefcase or messenger bag. All-in-ones also allow you to set up an office quickly and easily anywhere there's an electrical outlet. Similarly, they can also become your own personal theater with ongoing advances in high definition technology delivering the capability to view videos in lifelike clarity.

All-in-one PCs, like laptops and desktops, will certainly make your work easier and more convenient; they can also serve double duty as a multimedia entertainment center. When it's time to take a break, these systems offer you the ability to both watch movies and play computer games. There are thousands of PC games currently available that can challenge and delight according to your tastes, from simple card games to elaborate multiplayer online adventures. Special applications, or apps, have also been developed that allow you to enjoy the same software functionality on tablets as well.

An important key to a solid computing experience is the operating system (OS). Operating systems, such as Windows 7, provide the digital platform on which all software performs. An old or incompatible OS can easily cause poor performance and persistent crashes. Since technology updates and evolves quickly, you must also consider other factors like memory, processor speed and disk drive space when choosing any kind of computer. Be aware that not all systems will run effectively on different computers due to factors like age and internal hardware capabilities. You should therefore consider the future and make sure you have sufficient RAM and processor speed to handle the next couple generations of software to come. Naturally, nobody can fully predict the future, but choosing your all-in-one wisely should give you years of efficient service.

Technology has made our daily lives significantly easier, and it is growing at an amazing rate. Clumsy word processors and computers that took up entire rooms have been replaced by equipment that's a fraction of the size and many times more powerful. Our desire for more visually pleasing and space-saving tech also serves to drive this evolution, with all-in-one computers and non-pc laptops becoming increasing popular. When shopping for your next PC or tablet, visit Sears for the latest hardware and software.

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