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Hard Drives

As music, videos, pictures and important documents pile up on your computer, the digital storage space you have available will fill up quickly. External hard drives give you the ability to plug in extra storage when it's needed. A portable hard drive is perfect for tossing in a laptop bag and bringing wherever you need it. This will let you easily move files between personal and work computers and more. Many internal and external hard drives are available in a durable solid state format, so they can stand up to the bumps of your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you just need a new place to store family photos or need enough space to store years of projects, you'll find the hard drive to keep them all safe.

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Keep all your digital information secured with an external hard drive

A hard drive crash can be catastrophic. Years of data, music and other personal files can be gone in an instant if you don't back up your files to another location. With the aid of an external hard drive, you can keep a backup copy of all your important data. These hard drives range in size up to 4TB, so you have plenty of space options. For students or those who often work from the road, a portable hard drive will let you bring more storage with you than a flash drive.

You can also find internal hard drives for desktop PCs. Sears carries a wide variety of internal drives ranging in space and speed. You might want to upgrade your internal hard drive with a solid state drive. Unlike a typical hard drive which contains moving parts, a solid state drive is one single piece. This makes them more resistant to physical damage, faster when accessing data and lets them run silently. Solid state drives are great for laptops, since they are more prone to drops when you're moving them from place to place.

Keeping your data secure is easy with the numerous hard drive options available. Shop at Sears for the perfect data storage system for you and your digital information.


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