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      Shop for the best and brightest LCD and LED monitors at Sears

      Think about how much time you spend in front of a computer screen. Is it part of your work life or is it more recreational? Do you use it for creating spreadsheets and making presentations or is your PC more of an entertainment center; somewhere to kick back and watch movies or play occasional games? In either case, what you see is a big part of your experience and you want to make sure it's a good one. Brightness, clarity and resolution are key factors to consider in choosing the right monitor, and that goes for televisions as well.

      TVs have become modern multi-taskers. In addition to watching your favorite shows, you can now hook up a computer to get that exciting big screen experience. With the right connections, like DVI cables, and a compatible TV, you can experience the thrill of high-definition movies and games played right off your desktop or laptop. In truth, today's fancy flat screen TVs are essentially computer monitors with a little extra technology inside of them.

      The development of LCD screens and LED computer monitors has gone hand in hand with how we view the world around us. In addition to being able to view HD content, our TVs have evolved their functionality. Wireless technology and integrated software applications have brought us smart TVs that give us the capability to surf the Internet, stream music and video, and even keep in contact with friends via social networks right from the TV. One of the futuristic visions of generations past, being able to see people onscreen while you're speaking to them, has now become reality.

      Technology has brought the world closer and advances in computer capabilities have opened up new dimensions in what we can see and do onscreen. But how about being able to touch what we are watching? We may not be there yet, but today's sophisticated monitors have allowed great breakthroughs in the home entertainment industry, such as 3-D TVs. High definitions screens are amazing in themselves, but this new technology makes you feel like you can reach out and literally touch the action. Special electronic glasses have even replaced the nostalgic red and blue cellophane lenses to put the magic of Hollywood in your home.

      Technological evolution has streamlined and smartened up the way we see things. Whether it's on our computer monitors or TVs, we can now see the world bigger, bolder and better. LCD and LED monitors have brought us screens with high-def, 3-D and "smart" capabilities that make video entertainment more interactive and stimulating. So, when you're shopping for your next PC monitor or TV, think about taking your viewing pleasure to the next level with quality products from Sears.


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