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      Accessorize your PC with computer monitor accessories from Sears

      Sitting at your home or work desk and staring a computer screen for hours on end can have some lasting effects. It can give you headaches, make your neck stiff and strain your eyes. And let's not even talk about that layer of dust on your monitor and keyboard. Luckily, Sears carries the computer monitor accessories necessary to help remedy these problems. We have monitor stands to raise your flat panel screen, computer monitor filters to help reduce the glare, cleaning wipes to get rid of the dust, and much more.

      Fixing that crick in your neck may be a lot easier than you think. Simply raising your computer monitor off the desk top can help your neck feel much better, and Sears offers a variety of ways to do it. Products like monitor stands allow you to raise a screen several inches off the desk, while adjustable arms and brackets give you the ability to mount your various monitors to walls or poles and raise them even higher. If you have a laptop, Sears offers holders for those, too. Instead of placing your laptop flat on the desk, you can tilt it up and raise it, easing the strain on your neck and back.

      Screen protectors and filters can provide a variety of benefits as well. Monitor privacy filters slip easily over LCD monitors and other flat-panel screens to ensure the content on your monitor is for your eyes only. Anti-glare screen films and filters are made to fit precisely to specific monitors and help protect your computer screen as well as your eyes. Sears also carries anti-glare films and screen protectors for other devices, including tablets, laptops and smartphones, providing protection against daily wear and tear.

      Once you've fixed your stiff neck with a monitor stand and reduced the glare of your screen, it's time to move onto the coat of dust covering your monitor. Sears' selection of computer accessories includes cleaning wipes and sprays designed for computer screens. You can get rid of the dust without the worry of scratching or damaging your LCD display, but don't stop with the screen. It's never a bad idea to get in behind the monitor and dust off those DVI cables/VGA cables, too.

      You can easily optimize your everyday user experience with computer monitor accessories. By raising your screen off the desk, you can make life easier on your neck and back. Slip a filter on your monitor, and easily protect your screen, your eyes and your content all at the same time. And with a few quick sprays or wipes, you can have your display looking like new. Simply improve your desk top and your daily user experience with computer monitor accessories from Sears.


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