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      Don't miss a blip with the latest computer monitors from Sears

      We have seen many advances in the world of technology, particularly with regard to home computers and video systems. One of the most obvious changes is the switch from large, clunky CRT computer monitors and television sets to sleek, flat panel and flat screen designs. These new advances have brought us the ability to place our screens virtually anywhere and watch TV, play games and conduct business in dazzling high definition. Innovative LCD, LED and plasma technology is now capable of taking our visual experiences to amazing new heights.

      Today's desktop monitors offer great flexibility to those of us for whom space is at a premium. In years past, heavy CRT monitors could be two feet long and take up large portions of our desks. Fortunately, the flat panel revolution has cured that problem. In addition to simple upright stands, wall mounts and cantilever mounts, this new generation of monitors can be placed virtually anywhere, freeing up room for paperwork, desk accessories and assorted fun office decor. The same can be said about televisions. Gone are the cumbersome consoles dotted with dials and topped with unsightly and intrusive rabbit ear antennas. These outdated models have been mercifully replaced by TVs as thin as picture frames.

      Computer monitors are much like flat panel televisions and with today's technology are often used interchangeably. These thin TVs and computer monitors brought us a new level of picture quality, allowing us to view video in high definition. With wi-fi ready TVs and TV-sized computer screens both streaming your favorite television shows and movies, you'll find that your computer monitor could be your next television screen. These designs also gave us a greater viewing angle and even allow us to watch TV in sunny rooms without distracting glare.

      Your workstations and entertainment centers have become important aspects of your lives. Whether you use a desktop or laptop computer, you are capable of conducting business at home as well as at the office. You can turn your computer monitor into a theater screen and bring the movie theater experience into your home. By connecting several cables, whether they're composite video cables, component cables, HDMI cables or even old fashioned RCA cables to your equipment, you can be in the thick of modern audio-visual excitement in a very short time.

      Computer monitors have allowed us to see and interact with our world in new ways. With the right connectors, we can enjoy movies, pictures, music and games in the crispest, clearest ways possible short of being there. If you're planning to upgrade your current desktop monitor or TV, give some thought to exploring the wonders of a flat panel display. We have plenty to choose from by leading manufacturers at Sears.