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Don't miss a blip with the latest computer monitors from Sears

Today's desktop monitors offer great flexibility if space is at a premium. In addition to simple upright stands, wall mounts and cantilever mounts, this new generation of monitors can be placed virtually anywhere, freeing up room for paperwork, desk accessories and assorted fun office decor. The same can be said about televisions. Gone are the cumbersome consoles dotted with dials and topped with unsightly and intrusive rabbit ear antennas. These outdated models have been mercifully replaced by TVs as thin as picture frames.

Computer monitors are much like flat panel televisions and with today's technology are often used interchangeably. With TV-sized computer screens streaming your favorite television shows and movies in high definition, you'll find that your computer monitor could be your next television screen. These designs also offer a greater viewing angle and even allow you to watch TV in sunny rooms without distracting glare.

With a variety of features so you can work, stream your favorite television shows and movies and surf the Internet, you'll want to protect your monitor for years to come. From applying a screen protector that safeguards your screen to finding the perfect stylus to operate your touch screen display, there are many ways to keep your screen in excellent condition. If you're planning to upgrade your current desktop monitor, look to Sears for the best selection of displays and accessories.