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      Enjoy great savings on powerful name brand netbooks from Sears

      Computers have made our lives more convenient in so many ways. Getting a letter from your house in Portland to your grandmother's home in Florida now takes mere seconds with e-mail. Enjoying the latest release from your favorite band is just a few clicks away rather than involving a trip to the local music store. Even getting your travel plans together for that long awaited trip to London can be accomplished without leaving your living room. These are just some of the benefits that Internet netbooks can grant us.

      Not long ago, large desktop computers sat on our desks, helping us to conduct business and gather information to live our busy lives. Between their tall towers and thick, heavy monitors, these setups took up quite a bit of space. Once you added a keyboard, printer and mouse, you barely had enough desk space on which to put any paperwork. Fortunately, our need for space and portability paved the way for more streamlined models as well as thinner PCs that boasted built-in monitors and delivered the same functions, but were no bigger and heavier than the average coffee table book. These machines could comfortably fit on your lap and became quite a sensation. Netbooks took that great laptop idea a step further.

      People who like their PC laptops should definitely consider the benefits of computer netbooks. While they are best known for their compact size, these machines are fully capable of being hooked up to peripherals like larger monitors and keyboards, mice, printers and scanners. They also have the ability to network and even surf the Internet. Rechargeable batteries in assorted capacities even allow you to go fully wireless for hours at a time. Imagine the thrill of sitting at a campsite or relaxing on the beach as you watch your favorite movies.

      Even netbooks are continuing to evolve. A new class of netbook, developed by Intel, is known as the Ultrabook. This computer streamlines the laptop design even further, making it thinner and lighter without sacrificing battery life. To maintain this super sleek design, Ultrabook computers feature stable, solid state hard drives, but tend to lack features like ROM drives and Ethernet ports. If you travel frequently and find your needs for portable computing are more self-contained, then this is the machine for you.

      A multitude of choices exist to satisfy the needs of computer users: from desktop PCs and laptops to smaller, more travel friendly netbooks. Ultrabooks go even a step further in this technological evolution, delivering plenty of power in a super-slim package. When buying a computer, be sure to examine your needs for space, computing power and portability before making your decision. Visit Sears to explore their amazing selection of all these modern marvels and optional accessories from leading manufacturers.


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