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      You want to be sure you have a stable wireless internet signal throughout your home so everyone can easily connect all their devices. Wireless routers create a Wi-Fi signal by dispersing radio waves throughout the area of your home. Sears carries a number of Wi-Fi routers, wireless modems and even Wi-Fi extenders. Large homes will benefit from Wi-Fi repeaters to boost the signal and help reduce instances of interference. When you have laptops, desktops and tablets all connecting at once, you'll want a router than can support a steady connection to each of these devices. Shop for a wireless router to give everyone in your home a reliable internet connection.

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      Turn your house into a hotspot with a wireless router

      You have all kinds of devices that need internet access, so a quality Wi-Fi router is key to ensuring a steady internet connection. You'll want to pick a router that can provide coverage to your entire home or office. If you have a wireless printer, you may want a router with compatible USB ports so your printer can connect directly. Sears has a variety of wireless routers to give your space the best signal possible.

      Even with a powerful router, your internet signal may need some help spreading throughout your home. Wireless repeaters or Wi-Fi range extenders will take an existing signal and boost so you can get coverage for your entire house. Metal appliances and microwaves can create interference with your wireless signal. A repeater will help reduce instances of lost signal. Simply plug them into the wall, flick the switch and you can boost the signal to prevent internet dead zones.

      You may be able to pair your router with a wireless modem. Depending on your service options, renting a modem from your internet provider costs you extra money each month. With a modem and router combined, you could save a few dollars each month on your overall bill. Sears carries a variety of modems, routers and cables to complete your home network. Shop for everything you need to get the best internet connection for all your devices.


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