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      Digitize your life with scanners

      Old photos, letters and other memorabilia make great heirlooms that you'll pass on someday. These fragile documents don't always withstand handling very well, however, and they're harder to share with others. Sears makes it simpler to keep up with your documents and memories by digitizing them. Our huge selection of scanners is perfect for making copies that you can transmit or modify instantly without wear and tear.

      Modern scanners allow you to capture images in super high resolution so that every little detail comes through. Use our flatbed scanners for large format documents to ensure that you don't bend or crease important, one-of-a-kind papers. These models also work with smaller negatives and photos, but you can just as easily speed up the process with a smaller negative and slide scanner that even displays the images on a built-in screen. Many of our scanners let you plug in cables for printer connections, making it easy to create color copies on the fly.

      Modern scanners are also essential business tools. If you have a business office or simply want to keep better track of your receipts before tax time rolls around, ditch the messy file bins, and start scanning those important documents. You'll be able to make extremely inexpensive hard copies later using our laser printers, and you'll find it much easier to organize your desk in the meantime. Use our standalone scanners to digitize signed forms and contracts so that you can share them quickly via email. Most of our document scanners also let you take advantage of text-recognition software that extracts the wording so that you don't have to spend all day typing.

      If you still create artwork or edit photos completely by hand, then you're long overdue for a switch to digital. Even though you'll probably never stop drawing or painting manually, scanners that let you capture your finished work and edit it on the computer are valuable time-saving tools. Choose a scanner that has a higher resolution than the one you'll pick for your final product so that you can shrink things down before printing or self publishing online and still maintain visual clarity. Scan your old 35mm camcorder film reels when you don't have a modern camcorder that can transfer them to digital format automatically. This is the ideal way to ensure that your old memories aren't lost with time even though outdated technology doesn't keep up.

      Ensure that passing moments last longer by translating them to a digital format that doesn't degrade as the years roll by. Take control of a messy professional space or family office by reducing the amount of record clutter you keep. Shop Sears today in order to make your vital documents more permanent.


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