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Easily scan, print and more with all-in-one printers

The digital age clearly has not eliminated the need for paper documents and photos. Whether you print reports at work, produce term papers at home, print photos from your laptop or otherwise use a computer, you know that a high-quality printer is important for work and play. You also know how vital it is to be able to scan old documents and photos so that you can have digital copies that will last forever. In years past, you needed multiple devices to print, scan, fax and more. All-in-one printers have eliminated the need for multiple devices, and you always find the very best printers right here at Sears.

We carry a large variety of professional all-in-one printers from Lexmark, HP, Canon and other trusted printer manufacturers. Our buyers have carefully chosen each printer in our extensive selection so that you can be sure you are getting a trusted product whenever you order. It's easy to add a printer to any purchase from our other departments, which means that you can get all your shopping done in one place. This one-stop shopping convenience includes all the necessary supplies for the printers in our catalog as well. Our printer selection includes both inkjet and laser models, so don't forget to order extra printer ink cartridges if you've chosen an inkjet printer. When you order your ink at the same time, you'll save on shipping as part of our free shipping offers, and you'll have everything you need to supply your printer for some time to come.

Our catalog features printers with and without wireless connectivity. Should you need a printer with a traditional cable connection, you can also get cables for printer devices right here. Most all-in-one printers feature simple USB connections, which make these printers compatible with just about any laptop, desktop or tablet computer available. Hooking your printer up to your computer can be done in less than five minutes, and you'll always get quick printing and scanning results with these connections.

If you need a printer mainly for photos, there are many excellent all-in-one printers from Kodak and Canon that print lab-quality photos every time. Should you prefer to print directly from your camera, choose a wireless printer with Bluetooth connectivity. LCD displays on printers from Lexmark and other manufacturers give you quick access to the functions you need, including two-sided printing, fax capabilities, document scanning and more. You can even find all-in-one printers that serve as copy machines as well. Click on any printer to learn about its specific functions. To fully set up your home or office all-in-one printer for your specific needs, you'll want to make sure you also get the right add-ons from our large selection of various printer accessories.

Whether you need to scan or print a document, you can always find the best and most affordable all-in-one printers for the home and office at Sears.

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