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      For commercial printers, look no further than Sears

      Without the assistance of a working printer, few modern offices could survive. These devices have become such essential companions to the computer that today one can scarcely exist without the other. While laser models might arguably prove the most popular for business use, many commercial installations do prefer the inkjet variety. Of course, smaller models of either type are equally perfect for home and school use. The robust construction of today's commercial printers is your guarantee of their ability to handle anything the modern office worker can throw at them.

      It goes without saying that no printer can print without printer ink, and within our wide selection of inkjet and toner cartridges you're sure to find the type you need. When you're in the market for inkjet cartridges, you always have the option of buying them singly. However, these cartridges are also available in four-packs of yellow, cyan, magenta and black. Since some inkjet printers will not print at all if one of its color cartridges is empty, these packs will give you some assurance that any color you might need is always close at hand. If saving money is a requirement, it's good to know that remastered and refill kits are available as well.

      Sears also carries a full line of printer accessories. Its wide selection includes coaxial cables, label writers and transfer kits. Of course, if you're in the market for printer paper, there's no need to go elsewhere. In addition to standard paper, we can provide you with color photo paper that's guaranteed to print out your snapshots to perfection. Separate scanners, photocopy devices and fax machines are also available, and if you need to purchase printer software, Sears can provide that too.

      Although scanners, fax machines and photocopiers are all available separately, with the proliferation of modern all-in-one printers, you may never need to buy them. Also known as multifunctional devices, these contemporary wonders will print your files, scan your charts, copy your photos and send or receive your faxes, eliminating the need for separate devices. Many will accept a card reader to enable the printing of photographs. Various models include the small desktop, the midsize, the freestanding Office MFP and the large freestanding production printers. These multifunctional devices are available from nearly all printer manufacturers.

      Since commercial printers and their accessories are so vital to the workings of today's business environment, you want to be sure that the one you select is top-of-the-line. Whether you'd like to buy your components separately or prefer the smaller footprint of an all-in-one device, you need to know that the model you purchase will stand up to the abuse it is bound to receive. You can always rely on Sears, a name you have known for years, to carry the brands you want. Come and check out our wide variety and take your time in making a decision. When you're ready, be sure to purchase your commercial printer from Sears, the place you know you can trust


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