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Get quality printouts using inkjet printers

It's never been easier to produce high-quality printouts at home. Today's inkjet printers save you both time and money when compared to taking your documents elsewhere to be printed. The printers you'll find at Sears provide a wide variety of options at budget-friendly prices. Whether you need a printer for personal or home office use, we have a model that's just right for the job.

Like many other consumer electronics, printers have evolved over the years to become sleeker and more compact. The inkjet printers of today bear little resemblance to the loud, clunky dot matrix models you might remember. Canon, Brother, Epson and others now offer printers that can zip through page after page of documents in a matter of minutes. Cheaper and more budget-friendly than laser printers, these models provide clear, crisp printouts every time. From your child's book report to the big presentation you're putting together for the office, you can rely on these speedy machines for all of your print jobs.

One thing you never want to have to worry about when printing at home is running out of ink. If you ignore the warnings your printer gives when it's time to change the cartridges, it won't be long before print quality diminishes and your documents begin looking less than professional. At Sears, we stock ink and other various printer accessories from all your favorite brands. When you have extra ink on hand, all you have to do when you see a low ink warning is pop in a new cartridge and follow any on-screen instructions your printer might have. Then, you can go right back to printing and enjoy continued high-quality results.

Modern inkjet printers often go beyond basic printing to bring you multiple functions in one handy machine. If you work from home or run a small business, these models can save you a lot of money. Instead of investing in separate units to make copies, send faxes and scan documents, you can get a simple, reliable all-in-one machine. Depending on your needs, you can choose three- or four-in-one models from HP and other trusted brands. Consider the work you do on a daily basis to determine whether or not you need a unit that includes a fax machine. You should also take a look at the size of the print jobs you do on a regular basis. If your business requires a high output of fliers, invoices or mailings, commercial printers may better suit your needs.

You don't have to take the time to drive to an office supply store or copy shop to get printouts of your important documents. Modern inkjet printers can efficiently produce as many professional-quality copies as you need. Shop the selection at Sears for printers and all-in-ones designed to stand up to even the most demanding home and home office jobs.


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