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Learn more and expand your horizons with education software from Sears

There are many effective ways to learn new subjects and skills, and education software is one option readily available to you through Sears. Whether you're a young child just learning how to read, a high-school student cramming for a history exam, or an adult who wants to learn a foreign language, Sears can help you find the educational software you need to expand your knowledge base. And you can do it right on your own personal computer.

Maybe you're not too familiar with how the word-processing program on your computer works. At Sears, you can get education software to teach you. If you want to learn how to speak French, we have foreign language software available to help you become fluent in various languages. From songwriting software that teaches you how to compose music to typing software that can help you increase your words-per-minute, Sears gives you the options you need to develop many different skill sets.

Do you have a middle-school student or high-school student in your family? Sears offers learning software for them, too, that can be installed right on a laptop. For developing math skills, we offer education software for grade-school math or more advanced math subjects like algebra. For subjects like social studies, we offer software that can help your student learn tough political topics about the U.S. government. Perhaps you have a high-school student that is preparing for the SAT or ACT exams. Sears carries education software that can help your teenager learn the techniques, tips and secrets to score high on the tests that determine college admission.

Sears even carries educational software for young children. In some cases, little kids know how to use desktop computers and laptops better than their parents. So instead of having your child play a video game, you can purchase computer software that further stimulates his or her developing mind. You can introduce your child to new concepts like geography, science and reading with education software that stars their favorite cartoon characters. Learning can be fun, and your child can do it with computer programs at Sears. While you're at it, purchase personal finance software for yourself, so you can balance the budget and afford fun software for the family.

A classroom isn't the only the place to learn. With Sears' selection of education software, you can bring your favorite subjects and important study guides right to your desktop computer or laptop. If you're an adult continuing your education, you can learn test-taking techniques with software designed to help you pass the GRE, GMAT or LSAT. High-school students and middle-school students can improve bad grades with software for subjects like math, science and social studies. Children can also take advantage of educational computer programs, learning important foundational concepts from fun characters. When it comes to learning, you can upload education software from products you purchase at Sears.


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