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      Use styluses to make electronic navigation a breeze

      Using your fingers to navigate on your mobile device can leave streaks, spots and stains behind. Removing your gloves to answer your phone or check your e-mail isn't always practical when the weather is cold. Styluses from Sears solve these problems by giving you a quick and easy way to access your smartphone, tablet or ereader without having to touch the screen. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, styluses speed up navigation and make device use simpler overall.

      Whether you choose an iPad, an Android device or a tablet that operates using Windows, there's always a lot to do. Many tablets feature screens that measure less than 10 inches, a compact design that means they're ideal for taking along when a laptop isn't practical. Using a stylus to check your e-mail, browse the Internet and even perform business transactions makes everything go more smoothly. Most styluses, like those from Kensington or Targus, feature a soft, conductive tip that reacts with tablet screens the same way your fingertip would. This allows you to tap your way quickly from screen to screen on your Samsung or ASUS device. Some companies are now using tablets as part of their daily operations, so you could find yourself looking up inventory, checking customer orders and managing other tasks that require speed and efficiency. A stylus gives you the precision you need to be as productive as possible when using a tablet.

      Sears also stocks a variety of electronic reading devices including the Nook, Kindle and Kobo. Like tablets, these ereaders feature touch-screen navigation that can be improved using a stylus. Basic readers have only a few simple commands that you need to master, but some models also feature tablet functionality. When you're switching from books to web browsing or from games to movies, you don't want to leave fingerprints and other dirt behind. Using a stylus leaves the screen clean for uninterrupted reading, watching and playing.

      Even when using a stylus, it's a good idea to protect the screens of your electronic devices. The tip of a stylus won't cause any harm, but dirt or debris caught on the screen can get stuck to the conductive material, potentially resulting in damage. Reduce this risk with clear film screen protectors from PC Treasures or GreatShield. EFORCITY makes a protector that reduces screen glare so that you can use your tablet or ereader even in less than ideal lighting conditions. Whatever protector you choose, you'll still be able to navigate easily using your stylus.

      Styluses and other mobile accessories keep the screens on all of your electronic devices clean and free from damage. Whether you're looking for a basic extendable stylus or one that doubles as a pen, there's a model that's right for you. Get the tools you need at Sears and start making the most of your mobile technology.


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