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      Take Your Smart Devices Anywhere With Screen Protectors

      Tablets, phones and other powerful devices are only as good while their components last. Screens are easy to scratch; dust, unseen dirt and grime commonly found on your hands will do the trick. Screen repairs are usually pretty expensive as well. Protect your device's most critical parts and your budget by finding made-to-fit screen protectors from Sears. These inexpensive add-ons will ensure that you can play games, watch movies and contact your friends without ever worrying about scratches.

      Although screen protectors are most often used for tablets and phones, you shouldn't make the mistake of thinking they aren't necessary for devices like eReaders too. Most devices with screens last way longer when you protect them. Make sure you get a product specifically designed for your device. Our eReader covers are made to fit models like your Amazon, Nook or other devices. Our screen protectors also take different screen technologies into account so that you retain single or multi-touch capabilities, can see easily without a glare and perform advanced gestures. Heavy-duty protectors, like our Lifeworks Commando, are even optimized for newer screen classes like the iPad's Retina Display.

      Protecting your screen also helps you make better media. UV rays and other environmental factors can affect the way colors look on your tablet. Use protectors like our EFORCITY 2X New Clear Screen Protector Guard Cover Films to ensure that your photos look identical on your tablet or magnified on one of our large-format computer projectors. These reusable protectors come in economical packs of two and eliminate threats caused by dust and scratches, so you can readily use your tablet to document your vacations or navigate the great outdoors. They install easily and don't leave any residue when removed, protecting your tablet from UV light without reducing image quality.

      We stock many different types of protective accessories for your devices. Products like our Valor Clear Anti-grease LCD screen protector films are perfect for keeping your screen free of those gross smudges that somehow accumulate no matter how clean you think your hands are. Install one on your iPad, Samsung Note or Archos Tab, and you might actually save battery life since they reduce straight-on light to increase screen contrast without you having to turn up the brightness. After you've fortified your screen, complete the package by grabbing one of our tablet skins to guard any tablet, eReader or phone from falls and other accidents.

      Make sure your tablet lasts as long as you want it to by protecting the places that you come into contact with the most. The right screen protectors drastically improve the appearance of your media content. Pick up a set at Sears and your expensive device will last way longer.


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