If you love playing with technology, capacitors are just what you need to modify or repair all of your home electronics. You can use these convenient electronics components to supply power during a battery change so data is not lost. Capacitors can also be used for power conditioning to ensure a clean energy supply in signal or control circuits. Prevention of circuit deterioration and radio frequency interference are also uses for capacitors. Similar to how transformers manage electrical flow in our power grid, capacitors help manage the flow of electricity in electronics. Look to Sears for all your capacitor needs.

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      Find capacitors to build or repair your electronics at Sears

      Whether you're a tinkerer and enjoy building your own electronics, or you're repairing a device that has stopped working, chances are that at some point, you'll need a capacitor. In electronics like cameras, radios and TVs, capacitors may perform numerous functions. A capacitor may be used to even out the flow of electricity, for instance, acting similarly to a battery in that it stores a charge until it is needed. Speakers and equalizers use capacitors, too, as they help with tuned circuits, and audio equipment uses capacitors to prevent unwanted power line hum from reaching the signal circuitry. In cameras, the capacitor may store energy so a flash photo can be taken, and then store it up again for another flash to be ready for use. There are a variety of other uses for these beneficial electronics components.

      Capacitors, diodes, bridge rectifiers and transistors are all important in ensuring that electronics work properly and that components remain intact, since power surges and other surprises can damage electrical components. In the control and regulation of electrical currents, diodes often act as energy gatekeepers and play an important role in steering what electricity goes where, especially when two power sources are available, such as during a power failure when a backup battery kicks in. In this case, diodes could ensure that as soon as power is restored, the battery power is no longer accessed, saving the battery from being drained unnecessarily.

      Transistors are an inexpensive, efficient way to control electrical signals and are found in more compact devices than many other types of regulators. They work especially well with low-voltage devices, and that's the reason transistors are still used in battery-operated radios. Like diodes, a transistor acts as a kind of go-between in a device.

      In radios, capacitors play an important role in absorbing interference with the signal, allowing for a better sound. Audio signals projected through amplifiers and speakers are dependent on well-functioning capacitors. Without a capacitor doing its job, the sound might become distorted or a surge might even damage equipment. Bridge rectifiers also play an important role in electronic circuits; they can help to regulate voltage.

      Handling capacitors can be hazardous, because they may retain the charge they are storing even after being removed from a device. The energy stored in a capacitor can cause a shock, so repair professionals should follow instructions included with electronic devices when attempting to repair electronics that utilize capacitors. Capacitors serve many important uses in countless electronics, and finding the right one will allow your radio, TV, camera or other electronic device to function at its best. Look to Sears for all your capacitor needs as you replace electronics components or build your own electronic devices.


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