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Repair your devices with electronic transformers and other replacement parts for your electronics

When most people think of transformers, they think of the large metal contraptions set on the neighborhood power lines that occasionally blow, knocking out power to their houses. But transformers are actually an important component in nearly every electronic device or appliance in your home. They perform the exact same function as the ones in your city's power grid, but on a smaller scale. Electronic transformers can either step up power or step down power; their job is to convert an electric current into a usable voltage. They are common replacement parts in household electronics, and a repair technician can easily determine whether yours need to be replaced if your TV, toaster or other appliance stops working.

Transformers and capacitors play important roles in regulating electric current. Without these parts, none of your electronics would be able to work the way they were designed, if at all, and many of them might be destroyed the first time you turned them on. While a capacitor's job is often to store electricity, a transformer makes the electricity usable at whatever voltage an appliance operates.

Transistors perform a similar job to transformers. They amplify a current to a higher level. They can also act as a switch, to shut off or turn on the current in circuitry. Transistors tend to work especially well with low-voltage devices, and their usage has been around a long time.

The most important thing to keep in mind when replacing parts and fixing your electronics is to maintain a level of safety throughout the process. If you like to tinker with electronic devices, you'll want to stock up on replacement parts for electronics, like transformers, capacitors and diodes. These components are all related to electricity steerage, regulation and storage, which can offer a variety of potential dangers. If you're toying with electronics, make sure you understand how parts work and where you need to be most cautious.

Be sure to exercise care when handling electronics and repairs. To determine what replacement parts you'll need for your TV, computer or other electronic device, turn to a trained technician who can help discover the cause of the problem and identify exactly what parts are needed. Once you know what you're looking for, head to Sears for all of the parts you want. You can find the transformers, transistors and any other components you need to get your electronics working perfectly again.


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