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Classic Games

Classic games the whole family will love


When it comes to video games, you might think that newer is always better. Of course, the brand new games have better graphics, more gaming options and high definition surround sound features, which makes them pretty appealing. The longer gaming has been in existence, the better the games for grownups and kids get. More intricate storylines, additional player levels and new moves are all advantages to newer games. However, it can be really fun to revisit the old games and remember where you got started. If you have a little nostalgia and you simply love to play good games, then you ought to revisit some of the classic games that got everything started.


Classic arcade games and games from the first generation of gaming systems might be a little hard to find but are well worth the hunt. Classics such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Mortal Kombat are all available on retro-themed discs for your favorite system. You might have started playing them in the arcade, but now you can enjoy them at home without the roll of quarters weighing down your pocket. While the first couple of generations of video game consoles had a limited number of games, some of them were quite popular. Pong and Donkey Kong were among some of the first games bundled with the plug-and play television gaming systems. The third and fourth generation of gaming brought many instant classics such as Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo and Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. Mortal Kombat was popular on both systems, though it was censored for gore on the Nintendo.


The early generations of gaming began classic franchise games. As you find yourself playing the latest incarnation of Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy, you may want to revisit the beginning of it all. Since a lot of these games have complex and continuing storylines, it can be fun to start where it all began and work your way forwards. Thus, these classic games will never truly go out of style. Plus, it gives you a chance to wipe the dust off of the old GameCube and play your favorite version of Mario Party.


Newer gaming systems have managed to come up with some modern classics as well. Many Wii games were instant hits and have already become popular enough to stand the test of time. Wii Sports is a game that has become an instant classic with its intuitive and fun game play. Likewise, the Halo franchise has become a hot-ticket item, with each new generation of the game premiering at the top of the gaming charts. The PlayStation consoles offer many modern classics as well, including Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot and Twisted metal.


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