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Invest in your console with Nintendo 3DS accessories

Whether you're looking to simply protect your Nintendo 3DS from everyday dings and scratches with a basic skin or looking for a heavy duty carrying case that will protect your console and hold all the accessories, Sears has all the Nintendo 3DS accessories you need. Choosing a case for your 3DS depends largely on comfort, your personal style and the kind of protection you want. If you're looking for a bright but classy case that fits your personality, maybe you want to try the hot pink leather case. Or perhaps you'd want to get your son or daughter the Elmo or Cookie Monster travel kit, which comes with a character case. Sears offers hard case covers, softer gel case covers, protective skins, screen protectors, LCD covers, nylon bag cases, leather cases, pouch case covers, silicone cases and more. Whatever your age, style or budget it, our selection will surely have your perfect case.

Some cases are large enough to fit some of your Nintendo 3DS games, while other cases are made specifically to store games. Whether you're looking for a large, protective leather case for your games, or a smaller, hard protective case that makes traveling with your games easier, Sears has it all. We also offer the same variety of essential Nintendo DS accessories and PSP accessories, including Disney cases, rainbow touch screen pens, starter kits and classic cases.

If you've recently purchased a 3DS for you, a friend or your child, one of the accessory bundles might be the right choice to ensure you or the recipient will get the most out of his or her gaming experience. Most bundles come with cases, screen protectors, extra touch screen pens, ear buds and more. Many even come in a variety of colors. We also have cleaning bundles, which comes with screen protectors, cleaning cloths and anything else you need to ensure your 3DS stays protected and dirt-free.

Sears also offers a variety of accessories that will make your experience using a 3DS more convenient. We have plenty of individual car and wall chargers to choose from, as well as power packs that give you everything you need to make sure your 3DS is always charged and ready to go. An adjustable hand comfort grip handle or a wrist strap that will help you keep your 3DS nearby might be an option if you or your child is an avid 3DS gamer. Or perhaps two of your children are sharing a 3DS, in which case an audio splitter that will accommodate two sets of ear buds might be a wise purchase. Having enough extra touch screen pens are also a necessity because they're so small and easy to lose, especially if children are using the console. Sears offers large packs, small backs, different brands, different styles and a variety of touch screen pen colors.


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