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Play on the go with Nintendo 3DS games that entertain from all angles

You now own the newest generation of handheld gaming, the Nintendo 3DS. With two screens, three-dimensional views and wireless capabilities, it is no wonder that you want to get gaming, and fast. Now, you just need to focus on filling that console with a variety of games that will keep you busy. With customizable options and the opportunity to download or buy a variety of Nintendo 3DS games, you will be back into the action with old and new favorites in no time.

The Nintendo 3DS has games that a great for the whole family. For example, you can play all sorts of family-friendly games with favorite characters like Mario, Zelda and even Sonic. The Nintendo 3DS hardware also offers backwards compatibility with Nintendo DS games. That means your old favorites can plug right into your new machine, saving you money and stress.

If you like sports, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis and Mario Kart will keep you busy for hours. Plus, Mario and Sonic offer a new game each time the Olympics are in session, which means you can play right along with the athletes on your television! Professional sports fans can opt for games from popular franchises in the NBA, NFL and MLB. Donkey Kong and Zelda are old classics that have gotten a new life in 3D thanks to the 3DS. If you want new characters and more general games, try Scribblenauts, Tekken or even the newest version of Tetris, the game that started it all.

For action fanatics, the Nintendo 3DS can offer fun and realistic three-dimensional graphics. This system is the closest you will get to playing Xbox 360 games on the go. Of course, Nintendo has its own brand of action, featuring Ghost Recon, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Kingdom hearts and many other favorites re-written for the portable gaming community. Some games offer the opportunity for wireless play with other consoles, which means your friends can join in the fun, just as they would at home.

If you're not a fan of shoot 'em-up gaming, there are plenty of games that focus more on creativity and fun. Nintendo Dogs, Cats and Puppies are all great games for the animal lover in your family. If you have a budding artist, try Fashion Designer. Your little chef will love the Cooking Mama series, where you can cut, slice and dice your way to the perfect meal. And of course, there are always games featuring every little girl's favorite Disney princess.

For the older child and adults, the Professor Layton games are a fun and puzzling diversion. The newest incarnation of Super Mario Brothers is a good choice for anyone who wants to see Mario and Luigi in full 3D action. There are so many 3DS games available to fit anyone's interest that one console can entertain the entire family. Of course, this handheld system is so easily customizable that everyone in your family will want one. Stop by Sears to outfit the whole family with a great handheld gaming device and an armload of games that will keep everyone busy for days!

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