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Make your gaming portable with PSP games

Long hours spent in the car or waiting in line no longer need to be wasted. Take your gaming on the road with PSP games. From sports fans to racers to sci-fi lovers, there are tons of different games to keep you entertained no matter where you are.

When March Madness is over and basketball season is months away, fans will love being able to get in on the action with some PSP games. Pick up NBA 09: The Inside by Sony. Also available as a PlayStation 2 game or PlayStation 3 game, the game features six NBA players, including Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Paul Pierce and Dwayne Wade. There are several modes of play from which you can choose. In franchise mode, you run a team, and player morale and performance are tracked based on trades, team performance, salary, playing time and more. In elimiquest mode, you'll play to take over the league. In conquest mode, cash in awards to upgrade player attributes and home city amenities. In pick up mode, you can choose from 10 randomly selected professional players, and match up with the CPU. Or choose another player in a pickup game. Throughout there are mini games, including HORSE, dodgeball, Own the Court, Bang the Boards, FastBreak, Elimination and Give & Go. There are several other NBA games to choose from as well.

If you prefer pigskin, check out NCAA Football 09 by EA Sports. With mini-game components, you can gain the home field advantage. Check out the celebrations and simulated college atmosphere thanks to the mascot mode. Players, cheerleaders and mascots pack the sidelines. You'll even get a feel for the fields, thanks to the graphics that mimic the lighting, field degradation and textures of various stadiums. As the user, you get to choose the music and sounds in the stadium. You'll appreciate the play-by-play commentary after the game.

If you prefer sci-fi to sports, no problem. Grab James Cameron's Avatar: The Game by UbiSoft. Just like in the movie, you'll be transported into a different universe where you'll be engrossed in conflict. Choose between warring for the Na'vi or RDA Corporation. You'll have weapons galore, which you can even customize. You'll also have skills to choose. Plus you get to play designer as you create your character. And for those 13 and up who have a true need for speed, there's nothing like Midnight Club: LA Remix by 2K Games. The game revolutionized racing games, providing the first open world street racing experience. You can drive muscle cars, exotic vehicles, motorcycles and more. Oh, and if you like customizing your ride, this is the game for you.

Whether you want to play Grand Theft Auto, Suduko or Major League Baseball 2K8, Sears has a wide variety of PSP games for you. There's no need to upgrade your whole system and start your collection over with PlayStation Vita games. Keep on gaming with your PSP.


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